links for 6 February 2006

A bit of a mixed bag today!

  • Les Arts Saut amazingly beautiful trapeze act we saw on Friday night. Any trapeze act that features a musical ensemble with 2 cellos is going to get my attention, but this act is beautiful in so many ways. If you get a chance to go see Les Arts Saut, do it. I’ll post a few blurry photos to Flickr shortly ;) (tags: trapeze) Also, I have a couple of photos here.
  • User Centred Design Methodology and Tools You can never have too many reference for User Centred Design Methodology. If only to make sure that you’re keeping the user at front of mind all the time you’re designing. Having a sound methodology also helps to get the confidence of clients who, when the rubber hits the road, are often very inclined to ditch the user’s interest over their own. (tags: UCD usability)

  • User-centred web design Empowering users through user-centred web design (tags: usability UCD)
  • IBM Ease of Use – User-Centered Design IBM says: User-Centered Design is a well established process that has been widely adopted by many organizations to deliver products that meet users’ expectations. IBM has regularly enhanced this process… (tags: UCD usability)
  • YouTube – Broadcast Yourself. Now, I’ve seen Vimeo before, but not this onw. Same general theme tho, I think – Instantly find and watch 1000’s of fast streaming videos., Quickly upload and tag videos in almost any video format., Easily share your videos with family, friends, or co-workers. (tags: video web2.0 tagging)
  • Cross Media Bar (XMB) – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Wikipedia says: Cross Media Bar (or XMB GUI) is a GUI system developed by Sony. It was originally used in the PSX media centre. It is now used on various Sony systems including the PlayStation Portable. I really like this system and I think it has loads of potential. Its a really great example of design taking advantage of the mental models that users are very capable of developing, and is also interesting because it requires only 4 keys to navigate, meaning that it is particularly good for navigation using remote control device. (tags: XMB Sony GUI interfacedesign interactiondesign informationarchitecture)