Links for 10 March 2006

I think Delicious must have been down last night when my links post was scheduled, so here’s a manual update. There are three main categories today: Front End Development, Microsoft Windows Live and Sydney Restaurants.

Front End Development – as per my earlier post and inspired by 37 Signals Getting Real methodology, I’m looking to skill up in front end development so that I can ditch Visio and output nice HTML templates. Here’s a few links that were recommended to me:

  • Dojo – Dojo
    Dojo is the Open Source JavaScript toolkit that helps you build serious applications in less time.
  • Extreme Programming vs Interaction Design
    More thinking about the impact of agile approaches to the user experience and efficient methodologies. An interview with Kent Beck and Alan Cooper – When two development design visionaries meet, there’s room for consensus—but not much.

Windows Live – I’ve been having a bit of a play with Window’s Live, in particular their search engine. There’s a lot of interesting work they’ve done, particularly re: interaction design. Stay tuned for a post soon with my thoughts on their innovations.

Sydney Restaurants (Food!)

I’ve managed to avoid turning this site into a food porn extravaganza (seeing as that’s not what its about at all!). But, every now and then, it’s going to slip in.

And, whilst briefly on the topic of food porn, I finally got around to visiting Wet Paint, on MacPherson St, Bronte for dinner the other night. People have been recommending this place to me for a long time now and for one reason or another I’ve not been there… until now. Now I’m well on the way to becoming a regular. Highly recommended.