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if you’re looking for me, i may be in Second Life…

As I write this I am waiting for Second Life to download so I can install it and have a play. It’s come to the point where too many people are talking about it and considering it important … I have to go see it for myself.

Of course, I hardly seem to have enough time to keep my first life under control, and I do have a tendency to get addicted to these kinds of things.

So, I’m feeling very nervous and am kind of hoping I hate it. I’ll let you know how it goes. If I don’t, can someone come get me out?!

3 thoughts on “if you’re looking for me, i may be in Second Life…

  1. har har :)

    well, for the time being my first life is still much more interesting than my second life… my second life only lasts about 15 minutes before my laptop decides it needs to rest and deal with all the data that Second Life throws at it.

    I think I need to perform surgery this weekend and get that extra but of RAM that I have lying around in the bedroom into my computer.

    So, I need a small screwdriver and some instructions from anyone who has a clue how do do this! :)

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