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IA Summit 2007 – Where does IA fit in the design process?

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One of the great things about being in this hemisphere is that it makes it all the more easy for me to get to some of the conferences I’ve been dying to get to for ages. March this year is going to be very exciting because I’m going to both SXSW and the IA Summit.

Anyone else heading in that direction? I’m looking forward to putting some faces to some names!

I’m also very excited to be participating in a panel at the IA Summit. Chaired (and organised) by Peter Boersma, and featuring amazing people like Peter Merholz, Livia Labate, Larisa Warnke and Josh Seiden (and me!), we’re going to be discussing where in the design process information architecture fits.

Some of the questions that Peter says he’s going to ask include:

  • When should IAs be part of a design team?
  • How do IAs work together with other design team members?
  • How do you communicate your design process to clients?
  • How do you measure improvements in your design process?

 I have a few opinions… but I’d be really interested to hear how you’d field these ones!


4 thoughts on “IA Summit 2007 – Where does IA fit in the design process?

  1. Hi,
    I’m looking forward to being at SXSWi this year, too. I enjoy your blog and hope we can find each other to say hello at SXSW. I’m dong a power panel on Sunday afternoon about best practices in teaching web design. My co-presenter is Steph Troeth from the Web Standards Project. There’s some talk about a BlogHer meetup on Friday night, too.

  2. hey I’m going to be at SXSWi too, would love to meet up. I’m on a panel with Maxine (I think you guys might know each other?) on the Saturday…

    There’s also the bowling extravaganza (, you should hook up with us on the aussie team…

  3. hey Virginia, I’ll be sure and keep an eye out for you and your panel!

    Cheryl, I’m a pretty crap bowler but that’s never stopped me before. I’d love to bowl for the Aussies at SXSW! Count me in.

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