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i hate visio

its 6.10pm and I just hit ‘save’ on Visio after a long and productive day.

I’m *sure* I hit save earlier in the day. And, anyway, isn’t there supposed to be autosave and document recovery?

 (you know where i’m heading here, don’t you)

so, as soon as I hit ‘save’, Visio informs me that its had an error and needs to close.

Fair enough, I think, we all have our moments. I wondered how much it would not be able to save and how much I’d have to redo.

I never thought that I’d end up losing the ENTIRE DAY’S WORK.

but yes. that appears to be the case.

we are not amused.

3 thoughts on “i hate visio

  1. argh. thanks to additional tech support from James it has become apparently that I didn’t have autosave switched on. I’m on a new PC and (foolishly) assumed that it would be switched ON by default. I think I’ll remember that little quirk for a while to come.

    its still beyond me how I managed to go a whole day without manually saving. I thought that saving regularly was all bound up in my muscle memory by now!

    nevermind. Fortunately its been a quicker job the second time around. I don’t think I’ve forgotten too much and I’m almost back to where I was before.

  2. The thing I hate about Visio is that if you put the machine to sleep to say, plug in, and you haven’t saved? It will lose all your changes as if you had never made them. Rather rage inducing in late stage wireframe updating, which is hard enough as it is. =(

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