how do I love pixoh? Let me count the ways….


  1. I love pixoh because when I got my new laptop I lost my installation of Photoshop and I wanted something else that I could use… but cheaper
  2. I love pixoh because I was far from a power user of Photoshop anyway. 95% of the time I just used it to optimise images for the web. Guess what. This is just what pixoh does.
  3. I love pixoh because it’s free
  4. I love pixoh because it integrates with Flickr (lets me edit images that I’ve posted to Flickr, and lets me save images direct to my Flickr account).
  5. I love pixoh because it lets me edit photos from the web or from my computer.
  6. I love pixoh because it’s so simple. So easy. Simple concept, easy to use.
  7. I love pixoh because they’ve take this simple concept and executed it so beautifully.
  8. I love pixoh because they have a clever bookmarklet that reminds me that I love pixoh (yes, i suffer info overload!), and makes it even EASIER than their website to use.
  9. I love pixoh because they include an example that you can play with on their homepage.
  10. I love pixoh because it shows me image dimensions and coordinates on the fly.
  11. I love pixoh because they let you vote for what they’re going to develop and release next (how 2.0)

There’s only one thing I don’t like about pixoh at the moment…

I don’t like how when I’m manipulating my image and I’ve grabbed the edge of something, the cursor looks like I’m hovering. I’d like my cursor state to tell me that I’m cropping or rotating or resizing (kind of like they do in Photoshop, I guess).

So, there you go. 11 ways that I live Pixoh.

Go, play with Pixoh. You’ll love it.

Oh, and if any Pixoh people wander by here – Please don’t pay too much attention to all those requests that people are logging – don’t let it get over featured! I’ll get confused and have to go somewhere else. Oh, and – great work! :)

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8 thoughts on “how do I love pixoh? Let me count the ways….

  1. Hi,

    Have you taken a look at PXN8 ? It’s an online photo editor that’s been around a bit longer than pixoh. It has a few more features too.
    Anyway – I’d be interested to know what you think of it [disclaimer: pxn8 is my baby].


  2. Thank you for the point to Pixoh. I have an old copy of photoshop but several computers I use now. I take high resolution photos so I’m sure bandwidth is a limitation. I will definitely use this for photographs that I upload to flickr for the school account. Thank you!

  3. hi Walter, no, I’d not heard of PXN8 before. I just now had a look at it though, and you’re right, it is also a nice product that has similar functionality to Pixoh, with a few more features.

    I think that one of the great things about both PXN8 and Pixoh is the ‘cut down’ functionality and how simple they are. I have to say that I think that Pixoh has the better designed interface of the two. but it will be interesting to see if they’re able to maintain this in the longer term as they add more functionality. (Hopefully, they’ll not add too much more!)

    How’s PXN8 doing? Are you getting lots of users?

    @CoolCatTeacher – not a problem. Just sharing the love. I have to say I’m usually too lazy to optimise photos when I upload them to Flickr… perhaps that’s what Pixoh needs… a batch setting you can apply to a pile of photos that are then automatically uploaded to Flickr?! What do you think?

  4. […] She reviews Pixoh, an online photo editing service. My impending switch to Macs will leave me temporarily PhotoShop-less, so I’m glad to know of this. I’m thinking, however, that the iLife suite may include photo editing. See what a Mac barney I am? […]

  5. […] Sector: online picture editor Headquarters: Silicon Valley Management: Beau Hartshorne Funding: Private (as in, two guys run it) Secret Sauce: No downloads, integrates with flickr. Espouses the philosophy of Keep It Simple. You can try a sample edit right on the site — a great idea since most people are too busy (lazy) to get a photo, drop it in there to try the service without any kind of commitment and some instant gratification. There’s basically four things you can do to your photo — resize, crop, rotate and adjust (brightness, saturation, etc.). That’s pretty much all most people need to do to their photos, so Pixoh has the streamlined idea down. Of course, it’s great that you can do it all in your browser. And a great bookmarklet that lets you drop any picture from the web into Pixoh and mess with it a bit. On the site, the Pixoh guys ask you to request features! Interesting idea that lets early users help shape the service. Maybe Yahoo! can buy Pixoh and just stick the stuff into flickr? There is probably a good reason why these edits can’t be done inside flickr already — I’ll have to ask Cal about that. (Sorry if it’s obvious, Cal!) Seen and Heard: Not too much press as of yet, but a glowing blog review called “How do I love Pixoh, let me count the ways.” Some good quotes from Hartshorne in The Stanford Daily about starting a company. (The article is about Startup School.) […]

  6. my friends told me one website for the online photo editing,, i would say it is the best online photo edit tool i ever used. lots of features, just like web paintshop pro version.

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