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Hooray! Google Calendar! (you made my day)

Google Calendar
What a great way to wrap up a four day week (is it just me, or do the short weeks sometimes feel the longest!). Out of nowhere, say hello to Google Calendar.
Even better, it’s a pleasure to use. It does everything I want it to. It’s integrated with Gmail.
I’m in love. And, I hope to never use Outlook ever again. :)
I’ve been playing around with web based calendars for a while now, and they’ve all disappointed me with their interface, their inability to deal with the fact that I’m not in the US, their broken importing of outlook calendars, and other annoyances. So far, Google Calendar has only surprised me with little things it does that I wasn’t expecting. Now, if only I could be pleasantly surprised by seeing Google Maps for Australia!
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3 thoughts on “Hooray! Google Calendar! (you made my day)

  1. Have you tried Kiko Calendar recently? I admit that it was pretty rocky to use up until a month or so ago, but the new version is much better – honest :). And Kiko works great for international users…we have nearly as many users out of the USA as in it.

  2. I’ve tried 30Boxes, which is pretty intuitive… seen Google Calendar, but I have a feeling Kiko might win me over. Yet to do a full review, but it does “look” that much better!

  3. hey Emmett, i tried Kiko a while back, but can’t say I have recently. I’ll take another look, but I’m pretty taken by having integration between my email client and my calendar.

    Lots of people have talked up 30Boxes… it stuffed up my Outlook import and I couldn’t get rid of the bad data easily, so I lost patience quickly.

    If I was developing an online calendar today, I reckon I’d be paying a lot of attention to the import functionality. Given that most people would have a diary of some kind in existence, either online or Outlook etc. That’s been the biggest reason that I’ve thrown my hands up and tried another calendar option so far.

    (Although, Google Calendar turned out not to be perfect either… it got them mostly right, but there are a few strange ones…)

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