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honestly Telstra! (BigBlog *almost* launches)

Big Blog - coming soon

Can someone explain to me why Australia’s biggest Telco, and one of Australia’s largest companies, thinks that its appropriate to launch their brand new blogging service…. when the service is not yet available?

Why didn’t they at least bother designing this page? Maybe telling me *when* it would be launched. Maybe getting my email address and sending me a little note when its up?

Perhaps they could have cleaned out all the dodgy test content before sending the site public?

And I certainly hope someone is going to take a good hard look at that ‘BigBlog Community page’. An alphabetical index does not a ‘Community’ make….

Overwhelmingly half-arsed, in my opinion (yes, that’s a technical term ;) )

Meanwhile. Is that a redesigned BigPond homepage I see? Could they cram any more links on there? Is it possible to make the homepage for a service that is now ALL ABOUT THE CONTENT (and they have some pretty sexy content, I have to admit… that V8 Supercars rocks out), they design the most boring homepage in the world.

I bet that wasn’t user tested.

(Disclaimer: I’ve recently ditched my Telstra ADSL service for iBurst and have never been happier, and I used to work where the V8 Supercar site was born).

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One thought on “honestly Telstra! (BigBlog *almost* launches)

  1. Telstra would have to be the biggest roadblock to decent ADSL in Australia. As you’ve also noticed, having lots of money doesn’t always result in being smart, useful or pretty.

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