hey! you’re not supposed to be looking yet…

Two things have been happening that have made me finally decide that its time to hop into the land ‘o’ blog.

Firstly, I spend so much of my time evangelising the ‘architecture of participation’ that it seems either completely fraudulent or utterly lame that I’m not really participating myself. (yes, I know, there are papers that argue that lurking is a form of participating… and technically subscribing to feeds could be posited as participating, still smells of lame though). I know I’ll be talking to clients and colleagues about the read/write web for many years to come. Its time I did a little more than read.

Secondly, thanks to the fact that people out there are doing and saying such interesting and intelligent things, and thanks to this crazy thing we’re calling web 2.0 (although, privately I think of it as the web renaissance, but more of that later), there are so many exciting things to discover, pick apart, debate, and take bets on. Certainly enough for me to find something interesting to write about on a reasonably regular basis.

However, a little time for me to collect my thoughts and start playing with some of the great toys of our time, such as WordPress and Google Analytics for a start. And to look at integrating other toys I’ve been playing with for a while, like Flickr and Delicious.

In the meanwhile, I’ve gone to the trouble of customising this theme with a scary poisonous pink header (that’s right, this is not a visual design blog!). Hopefully it will be a little more respectable by the time I’ve come up with something interesting to say. (Although, there are no promises.)

I’d be happy to hear your thoughts on interesting places to start ranting (my scope of interest is pretty wide). There are a few clues even in this ‘keep away’ post. (It has also started me thinking about the evilness of the word ‘design’ – perhaps a post on that would also tie in with an explanation of the name that I *finally* decided on for my blog!)

eh. Thinking out loud and rambling. I predict these are things I’m going to need to work on.

So, welcome aboard (even though you’re not supposed to be here yet). I hope we’ll have some lively times ahead :)

Thought for the day: does Word Press 2.0 seriously not come with spell check built in? (or have I just not found it yet?)

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  1. […] So, in this high school yard, its all about eyeballs. How many you have on your pages each day. For some of us more enamoured with Google Adsense, that could be a financial thing. For most of us, really, its about ego. Being visible. Having our voice heard. Getting a good technorati ranking. Now, I didn’t (and I’m sure you didn’t) start a blog explicitly for this purpose (I already talked about my reasons here). Of course we, most of us, have more noble reasons for doing this also – which is to contribute to a much larger discussion about topics and ideas that are important and interesting to us, to share information with others, to participate in an online community. […]

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