customer research

Help shape a new application and earn £40 for just 30 mins of your time

We’re at the early stages of developing an interesting new application and have a few ideas that we’d like some feedback on.

If you have a spare half hour on Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday next week (4,5,6 August) and are in or near central London and you’re interested in helping out, read on!

We’re looking for a wide range of people but you need to either be

  1. currently using or planning to use internet on your mobile phone in the next couple of months
  2. fairly social (have some friends, go out and meet said friends fairly regularly).
  3. a little web savvy, but *not* someone who twitters or updates their Facebook status more than once a day. (If you’ve heard of Cuil already, for example, you’re probably not quite the audience, but you probably know someone who is – get them to contact me!)
  4. not working in the internet, mobile/telecoms or travel industries

As ever, you (or the person you dob in) will be rewarded for your efforts to the tune of £40 – for just 30 mins!

See -  we really value your opinion!

email me: [email protected]
or pass this on to likely suspects!

thank you!