so, I did something a little different yesterday afternoon. I went to UTS and graduated from my Masters of Interactive Multimedia. What a bizarre experience a graduation is. At times I wasn’t sure if I was in a university or a Catholic church! At any rate, after a three year slog, I now have my piece of paper. Hoorah!
talking to two of my lecturers after the ceremony (they both wearing the floppy hats you get to wear once you achieve a PhD) I commented on how much more comfortable their hats looked. They noted that there are several important advantages to having a PhD under your belt. The comfortable hats for one, but also having a great response to the question ‘is that Ms or Mrs’.

a compelling reason to think of a great PhD topic I think :)

4 thoughts on “graduation

  1. Great job, Leisa! That sounds like a really cool program. Must have been fun, but I bet your glad to have it finished.

  2. thank you!

    Steven – back in November when I actually finished, there were a few champagnes and subsequent sleep-in’s involved! That’s the weird thing about graduating 6 months after you finish… it’s almost anticlimactic. Perhaps that’s why they do the weird Catholic stuff ;)

    Anne – yep, definitely glad to be finished it, but also – in a very strange way – kind of missing it too. Thinking about work-stuff in an academic way is very luxurious. None of that boring commercial reality and organisational politics business. I can see myself going back for more :)

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