gmail’s delete button (it’s alarming how quickly habits form!)

eh. I’ve had this thought a few times now so I thought I’d scrawl it down quickly.

I love that Gmail now has a delete button (rather than being obscurely positioned as an option in a dropdown!)

but in the time that i’ve been using Gmail I’ve become so accustomed to using that dropdown, that I still go there first to delete, even though now, I would argue, the delete button is in the correct (intuitive?!) position.

Its amazing how quickly habits form, how easily I’ve ‘learned’ this bizarre placement, how long its taken me to ‘unlearn’ this behaviour (ok, its been about a week or so… still, I’m using it frequently, every day).

there’s something in that for all of us.

*chin scratching*

2 thoughts on “gmail’s delete button (it’s alarming how quickly habits form!)

  1. I have been used to the delete option in the dropdown as well. I wonder whether Google is reaching limits regarding their storage!

  2. I wonder too… they’ve crept up to 2691 MB lately – which is an awful lot more storage than what I need for my Gmail account for the foreseeable future. I was reading somewhere not long ago that most people are only using about 10% of the available storage on their Gmail account… you would think that they would have to have the full amount available (somewhere) as a contingency though, wouldn’t you? In which case, they should have *stacks* of capacity.

    I’m looking forward to them doing some work on extra functionality, esp. contacts and calendar. Since I’ve been less attached to an office environment (started contracting), I’ve yet to come up with a solution for managing all that information that faciliates sharing with others, in an environment that I like.

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