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Frustrations of a Z-Lister (on the MS Live/Firefox debate)

ok. it’s petty, i know. And I’m sure it happens to all of us. But it *is* annoying when you start a conversation about something that bothers you (like how MS Live services don’t support Firefox), and then three months later Scoble blogs about it (in response to Darren Barefoot), and suddenly it’s big news.

I know, I know. That’s how it works when 15 million people read his blog and not so many read mine (btw thanks for reading mine, I appreciate each and every one of you… now, Scoble couldn’t say that!)

Maybe one day, when Sphere finally decides to index my blog, things might change ;)

< /rant>

It was interesting to re-read my rant on the Live Mail beta. I checked back into Hotmail/Live Mail today for the first time in ages, and you can now reply (previously, as reported, Microsoft didn’t think replying was critical functionality for email – if you’re a Firefox user, that is). I’m sure I read somewhere earlier this week about Microsoft reducing the amount of advertising they included on their Live services… that doesn’t seem to be true, yet. It would certainly make for an improvement to the user experience.

6 thoughts on “Frustrations of a Z-Lister (on the MS Live/Firefox debate)

  1. well gosh, what a surprise. thanks for stopping by Robert.

    no problems re: the earlier post. You’re a busy man and there are a few blogs out there these days.


  2. Wow, lucky you. Scoble has blessed you with his presence! Anyhoot, I too was disappointed my MS lack of FireFox enthusiasm. But then again it is still in beta… Did you see Yahoo new mail? It is nice too.

  3. Yeah I made the switch to Gmail too. Have you tried Google Calendar yet? I love that too! All together it is almost as good as any desktop client…

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