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OK. I’ve managed to avoid the whole meme thing pretty well for the past year or so, but I can’t really ignore being tagged by David, so bear with me. I’ll keep it brief.

Five things you probably don’t know about me.

  1. I’d rather be a concert pianist: I used to be a pretty reasonably pianist back in the day. I started lessons when I was about 5yrs old and kept it up until I was almost eighteen. I used think I might one day be a famous concert pianist, but I was never really a great fan of getting up on stage and performing, so that was only ever going to be a pipe dream. I also learned the cello, but I was much more rubbish at that. I haven’t played for quite a while, but one day I’ll buy myself a piano and get back into it. It will go in my library, which will have walls lined with books.
  2. I grew up on a farm: horse, pigs, cows, the works. It was really fun and I wish that all kids could grow up that way. I was terrified of the horses when I was really small though. I had a potty calf that I named Madonna. My brother named the cat Powder Puff. (eh, Madonna is still a worse name for a cow, isn’t it).
  3. I cheated my way through second grade: every week we had a spelling test and every week, me and my friend Ange sat next to one another and cheated. (Sorry Ange!). We used to get a ‘star’ on the board when you got 100% on your test, and I can’t believe they ever figured out what was going on because Ange and I would have dozens more stars than anyone else in the class. That was the first and last time I ever cheated at school (although, we did do it most weeks of that year). Thank goodness for spell check, that’s all I can say. Kiddies. Don’t cheat on your spelling tests!
  4. I have a fruit & meat rule: they should never be together. The exception that proves the rule is pineapple on pizza. Sweet and Sour Pork should only ever be eaten once the pineapple has been removed. Anyone who cooks me Apricot Chicken has a lot of explaining to do.
  5. I’ve had a massive crush on Steve Waugh and Michael Hutchence for decades: That’s the ex-Australian Cricket Captain and the lead singer of INXS. *swoon* Michael Hutchence (RIP) should be self explanatory. I’m not even going to attempt to explain the Steve Waugh thing.

One thing I didn’t know until today.

My dad reads this blog. I have no idea why… as he said today ‘I have no idea how you have time to write all that rubbish you write’. Hrm, thanks Dad. Anyone else out there who shouldn’t* be reading this? You might as well own up now.

OK. That’s it. No more memes.
(*shouldn’t = doing it more for stalking purposes than because you’re interested in what I’m actually writing about)

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9 thoughts on “Five things

  1. Leisa,

    Thanks for sharing. That was actually a lot of fun. Your meat/fruit thing was hysterical and I’m not suprised that you have talent on the Piano. I was suprised to find out that you grew up on a farm!

    Good stuff.

  2. thanks David. Personally I don’t get why *everyone* doesn’t have the meat/fruit rule… obviously it’s just me.

    I blame my Mum for putting sultanas in curry when I was a kid. *gag*

    Oops. I forgot to tag other people, didn’t I.

    You’re a self motivated bunch though… can a few of you tag yourselves? (otherwise I’ll come back and tag you later!)

  3. Leisa, fully understand the meat/fruit thing, especially apricot chicken. I have trouble even contemplating that dish these days, along with a kidney & cashew nuts dish that just sounds wrong, let alone how it tastes (a memory that’s stayed with me for 32 years) ewww!

    I also understand the crush on Steve Waugh; and why Alan Border didn’t rate a mention (with that beard in the ’80s).


  4. I think you said that you’re actually an Aussie. Which state are you from? I’m a Qlder. The growing up on a farm thing made wonder because it reminded me of the beautiful block of land in the country my parents recently bought. :)

    My mum did the saltanas in curry thing too. I still can’t look at saltanas without feeling a little revolted. :)

  5. Hey Helen, I’m from NSW. Our farm was in north west NSW. Did your parents get a place in QLD?

    I’m so glad there are more meat/fruit rule people out there!

    Sultanas belong in Christmas cake… that’s probably about it in my book.

    oh, and maybe rock cakes.

  6. Firstly: Pineapple should NEVER be on a pizza. Ever. Ham or no ham.

    Secondly: Your Steve Waugh crush is only slightly less sick than my love of Tom Cruise…

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