Finally giving into Twitter…

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People have been talking about Twitter for a while now, and at first it held little appeal to me. I mean, exactly how publicly do we *really* need to live. Are people *really* interested in that level of detail in each others lives?

Well… maybe, maybe not. But I’m finally going to give Twitter a proper go, for these two reasons:

Firstly – I think it’s something to do with the brevity/wit relationship that means that reading what people write is often genuinely amusing. (I’m definitely going to have to work at Twittering better)

Secondly – the immediacy is second to none. I thought I was getting behind the times when I’d let my RSS reading lapse for a few days or, heaven forbid, a week. Now just by not being in the Twitter chain I’m missing out of stuff. Not missing out is a powerful social driver. So, I’m in.

Question is – who else out there is Twittering now? Want to be Twitter buddies? Promise I won’t Twitter to often or too boringly ;)

14 thoughts on “Finally giving into Twitter…

  1. I’ve been twittering, tho didn’t do any updates today. I’m annez

    I’m surprised at how much I like it… it’s nice to know what my favorite people are doing.

  2. I’ve been giving it a shot for a little while now, I think it has a strange ineffable appeal.

    More than happy to accept random buddy requests – – so I too can experience the wonderful pseudo-connectedness that only the web can bring. Or something.

  3. Twitter fun definitely requires friends tho’. I’ve ‘met’ a few more today (hey guys!), and am gradually tracking down others I know.

    Anyone else want to come play?

    (meanwhile, surely there should be a way that I can carry my ‘network’ around with me from place to place so I don’t have to go hunting for my friends every time I join a new social networking app? anyone?!

  4. There was a lot of discussion around that when Twitter first started exploding…see (december posts i think) for more. What’s your twitter name?

  5. The thing i like about it is how i’ve actually become stronger friends with some people than i otherwise would’ve done simply because i know what they’re up to all the time, and will chat to them if it’s of interest.

    When i see them, although we may not have spoken, a conversation that has never actually happened can continue.

    For example i’ve followed someone’s house buying process without speaking to him, then when i did talk to him it was like diving into a conversation mid way through.

  6. not a fan then, lela? ;)

    David, I agree – there’s something really cool about having access to the every day almost-mundanities, but I particularly like how unobtrusive it is – you can engage with it as much as you want at any given time.

    I can’t believe that I’ve become a Twitter advocate so quickly! (but, will it last or is it just a phase?)

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