planet drupal – What we learned from the Community Wireframing Project


I thought you might be interested to know a little about what we did with all the wireframes people submitted for the Drupal Redesign Project.

Around 30 wireframes were submitted, mostly to the Flickr group, but also on Drupal Groups and other locations (linked to in the comments of the original post). I think this is a really great effort and I am really pleased with the participation in the project.

It wasn’t just a fun exercise though, so since receiving the wireframes I’ve been doing a little work to try to understand what this exercise can tell us. In order to do so, I’ve been making a page for each template that people chose to tackle and then making a little sticky note for each piece of content/functionality or concept that people included on their wireframes and tracking how many times an idea was included. 

This process helps us to confirm a) which templates people are thinking about most (the homepage (predictably), community, support, project and documentation type templates were most common), and also b) what kinds of content they expect to be able to find on that template.

The results are certainly not a prescription for which templates we design and what goes on them, but it is a useful input to the process, particularly as a cross-check – to make sure that the ideas we are suggesting aren’t omitting anything important, and that we have considered all of the ideas generated from this exercise in the process of working on the wireframes and prototype.

Most excitingly, though, we hope that this exercise has helped to encourage more thinking about what the new can be, and to trigger some really interesting conversations – in particular some great ongoing discussions around the project page, and integrating groups and projects over in the Redesign Group.

Don’t feel that you have to stop now though – drawing things out is a great way to communicate your thoughts and give us feedback (can save a thousand words, so they say) – if you’ve got an idea or something you’d like to share, feel free to run up your own wireframe – pen and paper is fine! – and post it either to the Flickr group, or your blog, or to the Redesign Group, and let’s talk about it!

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