Drupal.org update – staging site

Over the last few months of last year you have have seen or, hopefully, engaged with the project to redesign the Drupal.org website.

It’s been a while since we’ve posted an update, but I’m really excited to say that despite the quiet here, the Drupal community have been busy working on the new site and it is really starting to come together beautifully.

Want to check it out? You can find it over on the staging server at staging.dosprint.org – the username and password are “demo” (not sure exactly why it’s protected, but, nevermind.

There’s still lots of work to do, but we’re really happy with how it is looking and really impressed that the community has been able to pull together and get so far with the work so quickly – well done all! We look forward to seeing it get closer to going live.

3 thoughts on “Drupal.org update – staging site

  1. The reason for the name and password (which is printed in the authentication prompt even) is to remind people that this is not an actual live site. We would like to prevent people wondering into the site and thinking it is something in production. It also helps deter all kinds of robots, even the not-so-well behaving ones (who would not read robots.txt).

  2. wow! It’s beautiful, elegant, intriguing, simple. Everything Drupal isn’t. I love the site. Major improvement. It actually looks interesting, instead of the current offputting, and there’s a download link right there. Brilliant! It speaks of hope and promise. Next step is deliver on the promise by fixing Drupal.

    Instead of “Sites We Designed” it needs to be “sites YOU can design”. Not just the slogan, but also the reality.

    Thanks for the preview!

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