planet drupal redesign project – iteration 5 for your review!

Apologies for the lack of posting – it’s been a very busy month!
We are now up to the 5th iteration of the redesign – if you haven’t already, why not go take a look and let us know what you think of it.

you can find the prototype here:

Feel free to leave comments here and I’ll make sure the entire team sees them!

4 thoughts on “ redesign project – iteration 5 for your review!

  1. Are people going to finally be able to rate modules and themes?
    And can we tag modules and themes?

    So for example you could search for the most popular or highest rated module related to user profiles.

  2. I wish that the design was more aggressive an colorful like the drupalcon DC or the latest design. Something colorful that invites the visitor to try a product that’ll change his perception of how web content creation is develop now and in the upcoming future. A design that challenges that visitor to explore his recently downloaded drupal and empowers him to tweak it to the next level.

  3. From one designer who is over-worked and under-paid – you guys have done an amazing job!

    Has there been consideration for how some of this new design is going to be programmed? I’ve heard in the community it can take a long time to bring some of this functionality come to light. Just curious!

    Oh, and I enjoyed the talk you gave at the expo!


  4. @Josh: There’s been a lot of thought given to how many of the various pieces of the redesign could be built – some of this in the early planning stages before MBD got involved, and more since it started. A lot of these discussions can be found in:

    Leisa has done a great job of factoring in some of the technical issues brought up during the various iterations of the information architecture, and in turn there’s been some great recent ideas for implementation which have been inspired by the iteration process.

    There are quite a few things we’ll need which don’t exist yet – unified search across subdomains, unified login, panels/mysite integration for the ‘logged-in’ homepage – but in most cases these are functionality which is desirable not just to, and there are people keen to work on it. A lot of that work really begins once we have the final iteration from MBD though.

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