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As you may have read, we’ll be doing some usability testing on the 6th iteration of the prototype in London next week. It seems like a great time to also kick off some crowdsourced usability testing, as we’d talked about earlier, and for any of you who’d like to get involved to do so!

(UPDATED!) Iteration six is now live here. I’d like to encourage you to take part in our Crowdsourced Usability Testing Campaign by doing a few tests yourself, wherever you are in the world, and contributing your findings back to the project.

Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Find some participants to take part – we want a mix of people along the spectrum of Drupal involvement from those who don’t know much to those who know lots and are super involved. Some tips for recruiting can be found here (feel free to add any other tips you have to our wiki!)
  2. Take a look at the prototype and work out how you’re going to approach the interview – some interview tips and a sample script can be found here (again, feel free to add more!)
  3. Work out a way to record your interview – some ideas here. Personally, I’ve found remote testing more hassle than it’s worth and much prefer to do in person interviewing. My technology of choice is a MacBook with Silverback installed for audio and video recording (you can get a 30 day trial for free). 
  4. Do your interviews!
  5. Share your interviews and findings! I’ve been exporting and posting some interviews on Vimeo, which is my preferred video sharing site. You can put yours wherever you like, just link to them from the comments of this post once they’re posted (and/or add them to the wiki where mine are now) – if you have some time to write up what you’ve learned as a result of the testing that would be fantastic! (If not, don’t worry, we’ll take a look through the video ourselves!)

That’s it! Not so hard at all, is it!

If you have any questions at all, post them here (no matter how silly they may sound, chances are others have exactly the same question or it’s something I forgot to cover in this post or on the wiki!) – I or someone else helpful will get back to you ASAP.

This is a great opportunity to help out with the Drupal project and a great chance to get some usability testing experience under your belt – which is a really fantastic skill to have, whatever aspect of design or development you’re most into. I really encourage you to give it a try and look forward to seeing what you come up with! I’ll be sharing my videos as soon as I can export them after usability testing sessions on Monday 3/11

If you’re able to do some testing early next week and post your feedback mid-late next week that would be fantastic. If this schedule doesn’t work for you – don’t fret – more iterations are coming hot on the heels of this one and more testing will be required and welcomed! You can get involved in the next few weeks if that suits you better.

Good luck, thank you and yay!

15 thoughts on “ redesign – help usability test Iteration 6 next week!

  1. Hi Leisa, you’ve got a bad link at “interview tips and a sample script can be found here”

  2. hi Brent – those wireframes don’t exist just yet – by Thursday or Friday there will be something there! A bit of preemptive linking – sorry for the confusion.

  3. Two more comments – first of all, I don’t like how there are three rows of navigation in the header – they are all different sizes, different colors, and highlight in different ways. Also, for the top one, the name looks sort of like a link, especially when it’s next to two other links.

  4. Lastly – sorry for the multitude of comments, but I think there should be a unified color for the sidebars – right now, we have green and grey – can we decide on one?

  5. Well, hot damn that is a pretty site! I can’t wait until this thing is pushed live.

    The new dashboard? SWEET. FREAKIN’ FACEBOOK SWEET.

    Note that the page title of “Iteration 6” reads “Iteration 5”

    Since some of the tabs are clickable, wouldn’t it make sense that one of the modules listed should be clickable to see the module detail page?

    Seriously, this is amazing stuff. I’m in awe. It’s as if the awesomeness of Drupal’s engineered programming architecture has been translated into the best layout and community oriented site that it could be.

  6. Sorry for the second comment post…

    More feedback:

    The Module detail page has a “is this review helpful” feature, I was hoping that the simple smiles would be better designed. At least a thumbs up/down would be a little easier to understand.

    At least one inline graphic (top right) for the module detail page would help, since some of the descriptions go on and on for 3 or 4 screens.

    Still on the Module Detail Page… I wish a “Try a Demo” link would have at least the same visual weight as the “Join Group” — since finding the right module is generally more important to more people than contributing.

  7. This is getting more beautiful and more useful with every iteration. The final product will shine!

    One thing struck me in the header section (also pointed out by Dmitri): Secondary menu links get a nice green underlay when moused over, primary menu links go slightly darker without underlay, and to top it off the Logout and Dashboard links are underlined. Seems inconsistent and distracting. Personally, I prefer the green underlay. Different font sizes are good, although colors could be more unified.

    Too bad themes are buried near the bottom of the Download & Extend page. However, the tabs redeem this somewhat, provided a user knows what a theme is. My usability testing will show more…

  8. Just quickly visited, You assume a lot. For example you assume that folks will know What Platforms is Drupal supported on?
    I thus assume that you don’t want folks who are not deep into Linux and have deep coding skills. This site is for developers only, right?

  9. @Adrius –
    I disagree. It should be much easier for “Beginners” to get started given the visual weight they are giving the documentation and the intellectual weight they have given the content on the download page. You raise a good point, though, we need to have “supported platforms” information.

    I personally have never used Linux to do anything on Drupal.

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