planet drupal · UCD process – Prototyping commences!

Progress continues apace on the redesign project – thanks to lots of help from you, we have now moved into the rapid prototyping phase.

In the spirit of this open redesign process, you’re more than welcome to take a look at the prototype as it evolves from its current, very sketchy state to … well, whatever it becomes. Hopefully a great home for the community and their product!

Now, be warned – it’s not pretty and it is far from complete. There are some things we kind of like and plenty we think may be a little dodgy, and some stuff that is just holding a place until we have more time to think on it (or to generate a little feedback in the meanwhile). The visual design (colours, fonts, etc.) of the prototype bears not resemblance to what we imagine the finished website will look like. Some of the content we kind of like, a lot of it is just holding text. It is very much a work in progress!

It’s really all about what’s on the page and what it’s called – lots of information architecture to look at really!

Anyway – enough with the disclaimers – why don’t you go take a look for yourself and, if you’re so inclined, leave any feedback or questions you have in the comments here and it will go into the mix for the next iteration. I’ll let you know when the next version is up for you to take a look, and we’ll continue like that for the next few weeks at least, as we gradually build in all the content and functionality and fine tune the content and interaction. Prototype Development – Iteration 2

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  1. Disclaimers about design and layout being far from final not withstanding, I love the overall look! Much lighter and easier on the eye than the current If this is far from final, I am REALLY looking forward to the next version. The only issue I have right now are the heavy, rectangular buttons for Download, Join, etc. Also, I like the direction this is going re. putting the info where people need it. Things like “Who is using Drupal” is a good example. Love the Related Content section on the project page. That nails it! Also the stats in the project overview section are a cool idea and extremely helpful.

  2. Wow – I am impressed. What strikes me first, is that the navigation reflects much more now the sheer size of Drupal and

    I also like the fact, that e.g. the about page (I guess this will be the starting page of looks quite different from say the events page.

    It gets through to me that there are more “outward-facing” pages that are meant for the eyes of rather the novice user or someone that is barely interested, and more “inward-facing” pages that someone would visit that already is a “regular”.

    Still the “about” page is a bit overwhelming to me – as hard the task may be to put into simple words what Drupal is and presents to a potential user.

    Maybe it can be boilt down more until it has about that much information…

  3. Nice to see the iterations!

    Small comment: Some block needs to be visible on each single screen, with a few exceptions.

    Examples, contributor block and navigation block (the last one could be replaced with the admin menu which is an horizontal menu bar visible for logged in users only).

    Some block could be expanded to cover more than the home screen. For example, I’m always consulting the New forum topics block. And right now it’s available only on the home screen. I’d like to see this one on other pages.

    Home screen again: it should offer more block below the current ones. Examples: latest updated modules, latest updated themes.

    Download block, it should display both 6.x and 5.x last version download link (6.4 and 5.11) since both are currently supported.

    Download and getting started blocks should be swapped.

    That’s all for now.

    Keep up the good work.

  4. Anonymous/logged in home screen.

    I’ve just noticed the toggle between anonymous view and the logged in view.

    For the logged in view I’d rather want to see a merge of both screens. If not, I’d often need to to deconnect and reconnect.

    We should also keep the number of stories published to the home screen to a larger value (5 to 10 stories).

  5. As an interested reader, I hope you take my comments just as observations, and if I’m lucky suggestions. Thank you.

    On the home page mockup, I think its important to have a link directly to the download of the drupal installer. right now its below the fold on my browser (22 inch screen, my browser is taking up a large amount, but not maximized.)

    The content seems to be organized a lot better at first glance then the existing site. I’m looking forward to seeing more!

  6. General feeling is good, however I’m really not a big fan of jobs being a top level navigation item (and ordered first). I feel similarly about events, though less so.
    I also am trying to ignore my preconceptions from teh existing site, but I’m unclear about how something like is integrated here or whether it is still a seperate site. I think g.d.o is a better place for job posts, since we do not want to be in the business of offering job adverts or coming across as a commercial enterprise.

  7. Definitely an improvement on the existing site :)

    Worth mentioning that I instantly tried to find modules on the home page as that is what I go to for most often and it took me what felt like along a long time to figure out that they were under ‘Extend’. I thought for quite a while that there was no way to find modules!

    I’d like to see the Download and Extend page and the Documentation page. Realise that you can’t do the whole site, but those are the main pages I use and I felt that I couldn’t really evaluate the prototype beyond the home page because those pages weren’t there. They feel far far more important to me than jobs , events and drupal IRC (which are aimed at the ‘insiders’ which I still think I’m probably not!).

  8. First impressions are good, although I would worry about the bandwidth demands, practicality and speed of the authenticated users (logged in) front page idea. Particularly now that browsing is shifting to small screen portable devices, like mobile phones.

    That said, the not logged in front page looks excellent.

    Cosmetically, I’m delighted to see an end to the old logo. I quite liked the Drupal logo in earlier iterations (the one with the splash above the letters u & p), but, I suppose anything would look better than the old logo.

    Overall, the skin and content layout is looking really good. Great work.

    What I’m quite keen to see happening soon is a re-design of how information is processed at d.o. i.e. re-designing how information goes INTO the

    A simple illustrative example might be allowing users to tag a thread as SOLVED along with a ‘convert to handbook page’ option when a discussion has finished.

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