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Drupal7 UX – We Need You NOW!

We plan to make the Drupal 7 User Experience something very special.
The biggest risk to this project is community rejection/involvement too late in the project.

Get out of the issue queues, quit bitching about your other CMS tools.

Come reject our ideas NOW not later!

Get over here and help us make something amazing.

Thank you! (and even bigger thanks to those who are already involved)!

3 thoughts on “Drupal7 UX – We Need You NOW!

  1. A good start would be to give more weight to the ideas of designers rather than developers. I feel UI discussion with Drupal developers doesn’t get anywhere because they always want to get everything perfect and logical, which takes forever and never produces as good a result as doing incremental changes.

    Additionally, drupal developers just can’t seem to see from the perspective of an average user. Case in point the cancel button. Many Drupal developers are still unable to grasp the simple concept behind adding a Cancel button to the Node Edit form.

  2. @sjaain UI discussion with *developers* is a waste of time (and that is coming from a developer who started in the Win32 C++ world).

    I’m all in. This needs to happen.

  3. Running there now.

    From those of us languishing in the barren Drupal UX wasteland, thank you, thank you, thank you!

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