Do you have a relative with dementia? Please help with a website usability study (London)

I’m working on a website usability project for a charity that provides services to anyone affected by dementia. This project will help to ensure that we are delivering support and information services in the best possible way.

We will need an hour of your time on Monday 23 November in Central London. There will be other studies conducted throughout 2010, so please let us know if you’re interested but not available on this date.

If you’d like to participate or to find out more, please complete this form and we will contact you with more information. London travel expenses will be reimbursed.

If you know someone who might be interested in participating, please pass them this information.

Thanks very much for your help with this.


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    1. Guwalaw June 6, 2012 at 5:13 am

      Marymac how lovely this is. And how I could have used it as I took care of my aging patrens. I was exhausted on all fronts. I will definitely be referring people to your site. It’s such good work. Thank you thank you. OH, and I need a picture of your beamish face somewhere on this site. Where is it? Seriously.xoxLiza

  4. Hospital Curtains July 5, 2010 at 10:53 pm

    How did the study go? I tried to complete the form but got a page error on the second page. If you can fix this I will return and try again. Many thanks.