Customer Journey Mapping (Customer Experience Consulting)

Customer Experience Design, Insight and Strategy for predominantly digital businesses.

So, you want to improve your Customer Experience. A few quick questions for you:

  • What’s it like to be your customer, across all the different channels and touch points and throughout the customer lifecycle?
  • Is your customer experience delivering on your brand promise?
  • Do you know which are the critical moments of truth for your customers?
  • Are you delivering a good experience in these key moment and is the work you’re doing improving this experience?

For most organisations, these are pretty tough questions and for many the answer will be ‘we don’t really know but we think we could be doing better’.

I’d like to work with you to help you gain and maintain a clearer understanding of what it’s like to be your customer, to recognise your most valuable customers, and to thoughtfully design the moments where you interact with those customers so that the experience is as good and rewarding as possible.

How can we work together?

Customer Journey Mapping

Working with your organisation and using quantitative and qualitative insight, we will map out the experience that customers have across multiple channels and throughout the duration of the customer lifecycle.

By doing this we will:

  • understand where the critical moments of truth in this journey are and benchmark performance at these touch points.
  • understand the Customer Experience (CX) metrics and KPIs we should be measuring and improving
  • find opportunities for both easy win and longer term solutions to radically improve the experience of being your customer
  • increase loyalty, customer value and referral rates, improving revenue and profitability for your organisation by implementing CX improvements

Customer Journey Mapping is a collaborative, organisation wide exercise that helps to build and solidify a customer focussed culture, encouraging and rewarding people for understanding the customer and improving their experience.

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About me

I have been a User Experience Designer and Researcher for more years than I care to admit to and worked with a clients from the very large to the very small. I had specialised in Qualitative Design research and strategic user experience but have done my share of interaction design and information architecture over the years.

As I got more and more experienced I realised that in order to work on the right problems, I needed to help the business find ways to recognise where and what the most pressing user experience problems lay.

I discovered the world of Customer Experience (which, believe it or not is almost an entirely separate discipline to User Experience… I know right, go figure) and Service Design. Both of these disciplines offer tools and approaches that I have since combined with my User Experience techniques to help my predominantly digital clients make better decisions about where to deploy scarce resources to gain maximum impact on improving the experience of being their customer.

And this is now my focus – trying to help organisations better understand the full picture of the customer experience they’re delivering so that they can make sure the UX work they do has the maximum impact and that they are actually improving the experience of being their customer – and with that the loyalty and value of their customers and the health of their financial bottom line.

Want to find out how we can work together? Email me

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