conference lust

aah, i’m a total conference geek. Yes, I know that most of the time they’re completely disappointing and you wish you’d never wasted the time and money, but every now and then – conference lust strikes.

so, who’s going to these conferences and will pack me in their suitcase?

IA Summit 2006 – so many great speakers/sessions, so little time

CHI 2006 – not so sexy, but so nearby

I’ve never been to Canada before and, if only someone would pay for me to go it would be a wonderful excuse to travel there. Eh. Maybe next year, by which time I’ll probably be at least in the right hemisphere! Has anyone seen anything good coming up in the IA, ID, UX or anything vaguely digital realm in UK/Europe later this year? I’ll be in that for certain!

meanwhile, I’ll just have to hope for podcasts, papers and finding people who’ll blog about these conferences (unless there’s a lottery incident between now and then).