Come to UX London!

UX London

People of, or near, London, have you registered for UX London yet? It’s a brand new conference brought to you by the people behind the most excellent dConstruct conference. I’m very excited about UX London not only because I’m lucky enough to be running a Design Research workshop, but also because we’re going to get to see The Don, Dr. Don Norman, live and in the flesh.

Please stop me from asking him to autograph my copy of ‘The Design of Everyday Thing’. That would be almost as embarrassing as when I asked Jesse James Garrett to autograph my copy of ‘The Elements of User Experience’. (Fortunately I don’t think JJG remembers that).

There are a bunch of other great speakers including the ever entertaining Jared Spool, Peter Merholz, Jeff Veen, Donna Spencer, Eric Reiss, and more, more, more!

Anyway, UX London promises to be a great couple of days of talks and workshops, with an emphasis on practical learning that you can take back and apply to your own practice immediately. I know, for one, that my Design Research workshop is going to be all about sharing a lot of what I do now for work, especially the range of design research approaches and analysis methods that I use for all kinds of clients and projects and, importantly, budgets.

I hope to see you there!

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