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Chatting with Bill Moggridge – Part One


In December last year I was lucky enough to catch up with Bill Moggridge to chat about his new book, Designing Interactions.

My mission was to write a piece for Usability News (mission accomplished).

I recorded our chat and Bill was happy for me to share it with you all, so – apologies for the not so great sound quality – I hope you enjoy it!

In part one Bill talks about the process he went through to design/write the book (yes, there was a prototype involved!) as well as some thoughts on what factors are common where good interaction design is created.

(Duration: 10.02)

update: also check out Part Two (5.49) and Part Three (10.28)

  1. Hi Leisa,

    Just listened to your interview with Bill Moggridge! It’s awesome! Was great to hear him about his experience as a designer (The 3 stages in his life
    1. a designer
    2. helping other teams, other people to design
    3. Telling stories about design)
    and his view on methodologies within interaction design, and people prototypes.

    I can’t wait till part2!
    Fredy :)

  2. Hi Leisa,

    have just started reading this book, and found this on your site. A lesson in UI design, where’s the play button? Or am I missing something?


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