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Chatting with Bill Moggridge – Part One


In December last year I was lucky enough to catch up with Bill Moggridge to chat about his new book, Designing Interactions.

My mission was to write a piece for Usability News (mission accomplished).

I recorded our chat and Bill was happy for me to share it with you all, so – apologies for the not so great sound quality – I hope you enjoy it!

In part one Bill talks about the process he went through to design/write the book (yes, there was a prototype involved!) as well as some thoughts on what factors are common where good interaction design is created.

(Duration: 10.02)

update: also check out Part Two (5.49) and Part Three (10.28)

7 thoughts on “Chatting with Bill Moggridge – Part One

  1. Hi Leisa,

    Just listened to your interview with Bill Moggridge! It’s awesome! Was great to hear him about his experience as a designer (The 3 stages in his life
    1. a designer
    2. helping other teams, other people to design
    3. Telling stories about design)
    and his view on methodologies within interaction design, and people prototypes.

    I can’t wait till part2!
    Fredy :)

  2. Hi Leisa,

    have just started reading this book, and found this on your site. A lesson in UI design, where’s the play button? Or am I missing something?


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