windows live mail beta: is there something missing?… well, yes.

Windows Mail Live Beta

I don’t really use Hotmail very much anymore, but I do love a Beta test, so of course when they asked me I said that I’d be happy to play with their beta version of Windows Live Mail, the new and improved Hotmail.

Well, yes, it is new and improved.. but then, that’s not saying much is it? Hotmail was an utterly ugly dog of an interface that we only put up with because it was free. And then along came Gmail. Say no more.

Back to the story… some people do still use my hotmail address to send me email, and so it happened that today I went into the new-ish Windows Live Mail to check out and reply to some email. Except, I couldn’t.

I was using Firefox, as I do. And they haven’t enabled ‘Reply’ for Firefox yet.

No, seriously. You can’t reply. Only make new mail and delete it.

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gmail’s delete button (it’s alarming how quickly habits form!)

eh. I’ve had this thought a few times now so I thought I’d scrawl it down quickly.

I love that Gmail now has a delete button (rather than being obscurely positioned as an option in a dropdown!)

but in the time that i’ve been using Gmail I’ve become so accustomed to using that dropdown, that I still go there first to delete, even though now, I would argue, the delete button is in the correct (intuitive?!) position.

Its amazing how quickly habits form, how easily I’ve ‘learned’ this bizarre placement, how long its taken me to ‘unlearn’ this behaviour (ok, its been about a week or so… still, I’m using it frequently, every day).

there’s something in that for all of us.

*chin scratching*