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case study (offline): License renewal at the RTA

Eye Test

I went and renewed my drivers license at the RTA this weekend. They have that process down pat now, and although its well supported by technology, its the overall experience that is impressive. Here’s the process:


National rebrands to nab… and I don’t trust ‘em!

new NAB logo

And now for something completely different, I’m going to perform a little amateur brand analysis.

This all started a few days ago when I was on a bus and I noticed (either on another bus or on some other form of outdoor advertising) that the National Australia Bank seemed to have changed their logo….


gmail’s delete button (it’s alarming how quickly habits form!)

eh. I’ve had this thought a few times now so I thought I’d scrawl it down quickly.

I love that Gmail now has a delete button (rather than being obscurely positioned as an option in a dropdown!)

but in the time that i’ve been using Gmail I’ve become so accustomed to using that dropdown, that I still go there first to delete, even though now, I would argue, the delete button is in the correct (intuitive?!) position.

Its amazing how quickly habits form, how easily I’ve ‘learned’ this bizarre placement, how long its taken me to ‘unlearn’ this behaviour (ok, its been about a week or so… still, I’m using it frequently, every day).

there’s something in that for all of us.

*chin scratching*

designing usable search results pages

Today I’ve been thinking about the best way to present search results on a page. For the purposes of this excercise, lets just assume that we have a magnicent search engine that always pulls out the most relevant results in order of relevance for us (yes, I know – it’s a whole other kettle of fish).

Obviously, search is an area where we have a plethora of conventions and standards that we’d be mad to ignore. (eh. I can’t believe I’m linking to Jakob so early in my blogging career!). And yet, I have some questions:


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