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less is not enough

OK. So I’m finally almost brave enough to send you in the direction of my very first ever podcast that I did for the Office 2.0 Podcast Jam. (Assuming you haven’t wandered over there and had a listen already. I’ve been thinking a bit lately about this ‘cult of less‘ that 37 Signals seems to… Continue reading less is not enough

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what’s it like being a designer at Flickr?

I’ve wondered this myself… so I thought I’d use the PodCastJam as a great excuse to get in touch with George Oates, an Australian (ex Adelaide) gal who’s been working with Flickr since before they were Flickr (remember Ludicorp?). So, in my podcast interviewing debut (and… yes, I need more practice. Want to be interviewed?),… Continue reading what’s it like being a designer at Flickr?

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Jam On at Office 2.0 PodCast Jam!

The Office 2.0 Podcast Jam kicks off tomorrow – so be sure to go check it out and get involved. There’s some really interesting stuff happening from kick off including podcasts from Richard MacManus, Rosemary Stasek (talking about her experiences in Afghanistan, now that’s a perspective you don’t get at your average conference), and Eric… Continue reading Jam On at Office 2.0 PodCast Jam!