why is Google & Yahoo’s share price slide good for web 2.0?

Reading about Google’s stock ‘crashing’ (according to the homepage of the SMH at lunchtime today) made me smile. And its not because I own neither Google nor Yahoo shares. To me, it seems to validate the idea that whatever you want to call this time that we’re travelling through now in technologyland is not a bubble. I was less into the stockmarket back in the nineties than I am now (hard to believe, I know), but I don’t remember corrections like this happening to the darlings of the NASDAQ. In fact, I don’t remember them even really having to report performance (although that was probably because no one was paying any attention). Its particularly reassuring because Google is being pounded for not delivering on what are, really, astoundngly high expectations.

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everyone’s an IA (cont …)

funny how things work out.

I was just thinking about the potential messiness of tags (for myself and my projects), when I happen to the Del.icio.us homepage (which i rarely see), and happen upon this: Folksonomies: Tidying up Tags?
An interesting read – they talk about the problems with tagging and some potential solutions. At the highest level they identify two activities that could be useful in improving tagging as a navigational system including:’educating users to add “better” tags and improving the systems to allow “better” tags to be added’.

They’ve also referenced Clay Shirky a few times, so I think I’ll have to go investigate what he has to say on the matter!

everyone’s an IA these days…

i’ve been looking at my RSS feeds and my Delicious links today, trying to get them cleaned up so that they’ll look presentable in some kind of format on my blog, and its made me think some more about the information architecture in the wild.

much has been written about how tagging and feed subscription and blogging and the like gives power to the people to create and find and organise their content however they like – and yay to that. Has anyone done any thinking about the implications of this for users in terms of the skills required to actually organise this stuff effectively?

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