MeasureMap + Google: Is there something I’m missing?


More acquistions, even before products are deployed, smacks scarily of bubble-time but, given the influence of Adaptive Path, I’m going to give the news that Google have just acquired MeasureMap the benefit of the doubt. For now.

I threw my email address in the ‘notification’ form for measure map a while back but have never received an invitation, so all I have to go on are a few screenshots that I’ve seen on their site and elsewhere.

Here’s what I don’t understand… if I have a blog and Google Analytics, why would I want MeasureMap?

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Googlecloud review (has anyone done usability testing on tag clouds yet?)

So, today I checked out Googlecloud which I saw via Ajaxian and which was released by the crew at Trade This. (phew! that’s my linking karma for the day!)

My first impression was not great. This was what I saw:

It got me thinking back to the Go Flock Yourself post in my daily links from yesterday regarding the evils (or really, the lack of usability) of tag clouds. I’m not concerned with purity of the representation in terms of font size, but in this case, the links that I’m actually interested in are going to be so small as to be virtually invisible… and I don’t even know if they’re there. This zeitgeist, who favour Britney Spears just over Linux Desktop, isn’t really much use to me.

But then…
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hurrah! Google Talk gets useful

i noticed yesterday the new ‘chat’ link in the Gmail navigation, but didn’t pay too much attention as it was obviously a Google Talk thing and I don’t use Google Talk. (Of course, I diligently downloaded it, with everyone else, when it was first released, but I can remember the 2 or 3 times that I’ve used it – and I’m a frequent flyer when it comes to IM). I use Messenger mostly, because most of my friends use Messenger. I used Trillian for a while there so that I could pay attention to the few remaining ICQ friends that I have, but ended up ditching it because it didn’t support the cool emoticons that Messenger was supporting. (I know – how lame… I wish I could tell you it was something more academic, but no… that’s it).

But then, browsing through Tech.Memeorandum (which I’m liking more and more – you might have noticed it in my links from yesterday… thumbs up), I came across this post on the Google Blog that made me suddenly get excited about it.

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43 Things and 8by1 – same, same or different?!

I’ve been playing around with 43 Things and its family of sites for some time now.

I was taking a browse through my inbox today (does everyone else use this? Its fabulous and I’ve only recently happened upon it!), and noticed a link that Robert Scoble (who I stalk via posted called 8by1

Now, I love the sentiment of the site (and it reminds me a lot of a site I was working on before called Act Now), but holy hell it reminds me way too much of the 43 Things site.

I took a little look around to see if anyone from 43 Things was claiming the site, or being credited for the the site or anything like that… but I can’t see anything. I tried checking out the 8by1 blog but that wasn’t loading…

I hate to bitch about something that has seemingly noble objectives, but … hell, it looks like they’ve ripped off 43 Things?!

Does anyone know some more background on this? Are they related?

I’m going to email them and ask. Stay tuned.