bitchin’ blog (beta isn’t a marketing phase)


Recently I’ve been bothered by the fact that, in general, bloggers are either too lazy or too nice.

You (person with startup/new service) email a bunch of bloggers and give them ‘special access’ to information about your project, or a beta invitation. Said blogger then either feels obliged to give you a plug (more often than not just your products name, your cute 2.0 logo and the briefest of brief descriptions with an instructions for you to either check it out or wait to find out more.

Having been the recipient of a few of these previews and invitations lately, and even just checking out new services I pick up from other people’s blogs … I find myself in a bit of a quandry.

Does Mum’s Principle apply here? (If you’ve got nothing to say, say nothing at all).

I wouldn’t have thought so, but then… that being the case, why are so many others being so damn nice?!

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blogging milestones (1 month)

so, its been almost a month since I started blogging. How time flies when you’re addicted to Google Analytics.

Two things have happened recently that make me really feel like a *proper* blogger.

  1. I was out for a beer or two with the lovely Melissa and on several occasions sentences started with ‘aahhh, yes! I was just talking about that on my blog the other day!’. I think I’ve got to stop doing that and fast. I can’t think of any way you can say something like that without sounding like a complete dork.
  2. I got my first comment spam! I must be a real blogger now.

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Life.bak (why backing up is v. important)

I had a sleepless night last night after my beautiful new laptop – weeks old – suddenly decided it was incapable of booting last night. After a quick consultation with James it became pretty clear that this was situation serious.

leisa: so, should I be panicking about the back up situation?

james: yep

As I do with most things that concern me but which I can do nothing about at the time, I decided to forget about it as best I could, get some sleep and call a mass gathering of prayer for when I booted up the laptop in the morning.

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good lord, it’s a school yard out here (and I’m a nerd again!)

ok. So, by every standard possible, I’m such a junior-blogger. I think I’m heading into week three, or something like that, and I’ve been pretty busy at work, which has kept a handle on my blog reading as well as posting. Its been impossible to miss the bruhaha going on as the A-Listers cop a serve from those who they’ve apparently been keeping outside the gates of blogging fame and glory (via Tech.Memeorandum, yep, still loving it).

There are a lot of different takes you can have on this situation, and I have a couple… but the more I read it the more everyone is starting to remind me of a bunch of highschool kids jostling for social superiority. Trying to work out who is in the cool gang, how to get there if you’re not, why another gang is the next cool gang, or an alternate cool gang at least, how we should be nice to the kids who aren’t in the cool gang, or the next coolest gang, or the one after that.

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