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If you’ve got a few moment, why not check out some other posts that people seem to have liked. Here’s a couple: Storytelling & Requirements Gathering (about how group talk and focus groups can be an utter waste of time) inspired by Malcolm Gladwell, The Six Species of Information Architect (if you’re into that kind of thing), Pencil Rules (about how designing with pencil is MUCH better than with a computer), women of 2.0 (get up, stand up) they’re out there, they’re just often a little quiet, or perhaps User Centred Design & Legwaxing – an Instructional Analogy, just for something different.

As you might notice, people are generally quite talkative around here, so please, don’t be shy. Leave me a note and let me know what you think! For some reason that Cognitive Pleasures post has been entirely silent. God knows why, lots of us should have strong opinions on it, I would have thought!

nerdy blog post (cool stuff for bloggers)

got a blog? this might interest you. Have you heard that Feedburner now support email subscriptions? Just copy and paste a little code into your template and they’ll do the rest. I signed myself up and received one of my own emails this evening, and it was a very satisfactory experience. So, if you want to get emails from here on, scroll down the homepage and you should see my little email signup form. Nice one Feedburner :)

But wait, there’s more. Do you have a WordPress blog? Would you like to get your Google Analytics and Feedburner stats all pulled together nicely into your WordPress Admin site? Well, clever Joe Tan has built us a plug in that does just that. Works beautifully. Good one Joe :)

bloggers disproportionately influential (SMH)

interesting piece in the SMH this morning suggesting that bloggers and ‘internet pundits‘ are ‘exerting a “disproportionately large influence” on society….. “They’re not representative of the larger audience, but what they’re saying does matter” . Makes me wonder about the ethical responsibilities for people with disproportionately loud voices. Then makes me wonder whether, as there is such a low barrier to entry to blogging (or being ‘active’ on the internet) and voices are (in theory) so easily refuted… perhaps there is no such responsibility? Not sure. Thoughts anyone?

women of 2.0 (get up and go to a conference?!)

Unconference - Gaping Void

See, this is why we need more women talking out in tech.

We’re just sitting here talking about how we’d like women in technology to be more visible, and ways that we can make this happen and suddenly Dave Winer, Ben Barren and Richard McManus are organising not just one but *two* more conferences!

Just what the world needs. :)

Seriously, whilst I think it would be great to have a web2/blogher doubleheader conference in Australia (it would be great to not travel a million miles to see someone as ‘famous’ as Dave speak) and I would love the opportunity to see and meet more chicks who blog, particularly those who blog about web2, let’s not get distracted.

Fact is, we don’t know where most of these women are and they’re probably not going to write a proposal to speak at your conference. And *that* is the nub of the problem.

Agree? Disagree?

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