shock of the new (or, oh no, i’ve broken my template and I can’t fix it.. yet)

apologies for those of you who were so fond, i’m sure, of the bright pink template I had up until a few moments ago.

I’ve somehow managed to break that template,.. I think it might be karma for picking on someone elses site?

anyway, until I get a chance to work out how to fix the bloody thing, we’re stuck with this rather dull grey version.

lucky I don’t have much on this weekend :)

and yet… totally addicted to stats

don’t get me wrong. I see how this post is almost entirely contradictory to my previous one, but I have to confess that I have become utterly addicted to stats.

It kind of started when I got brave enough to start a Flickr account (I know. I’m so totally chicken and lame), and I suddenly noticed that people were looking at my photostream. For a brief moment I toyed with the idea that I was about to be uncovered as an undiscovered amazing photographer, then I just realised that there were just that many people out there looking at Flickr, sooner or later, one of them had to check out one of my photos. (If you’ve seen my photos you’ll similarly attest to this theory!)

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i’ve been reading other people’s blogs for such a long time now that I can’t even remember when I first knew about blogging. I know I was definitely reading blogs about 3 or 4 years ago because that’s when I first started writing about them. Writing, offline that is. A lot of the time for my Masters degree.

For the last couple of years I’ve been reading blogs (well, really mostly RSS feeds) extensively. There are dozens that I try to keep up with on an almost daily basis (which is more or less impossible, I’m still working on strategies to manage all the information I want to keep up with!). In that time I’ve been reading a lot of blogs that I’ve found relevant to the type of work I was doing (being a web producer at an agency), but also ones that I followed personally – either due to my non-work interests, or because the writers of the blogs have become like virtual friends of mine – not that any of them would know it!

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