links for 9 February 2006

Another eclectic bunch of links today:
  • Squidoo : Introduction to Web 2.0 because too many Introductions to Web 2.0 is never enough. Actually, this is as much note to self to go back and check out Squidoo at a later date and see how its coming along. I quite like the idea but I wonder whether it will gather enough steam to be useful. This introduction is done by Joshua Porter. (tags: web2.0 squidoo)
  • blik INVADER: blik check out this space invader wall decal… see, if I was decorating a room for a kid, I would definitely use these. They have other more ‘tasteful’ decals for those less inclined to space invaders. I quite like the flying bird one. (tags: decorating design space-invaders home)
  • Multi-Touch Interaction Research via James via Lela this is a pretty exciting research program and they have a funky video to make it much more digestible than your average research program! While touch sensing is commonplace for single points of contact, multi-touch sensing enables a user to interact with a system with more than one finger at a time, as in chording and bi-manual operations. It reminds me Tom Cruise and Minority Report stuck in 2 dimensions. (yeah right, like I’m the only one who’s thinking that! I’m just the only one dumb enough to admit it!) Lots of HCI challenges ahead! (tags: HCI touch interactiondesign)

links for 8 February 2006

Just a couple of quick ones today:

  • 30 Boxes | it’s your life a shareable online calendar. i haven’t had a chance to have a play with it yet, but I’m looking for a calendar that I can use in place of Outlook (unless Google are about to launch one that is integrated with gmail), so I’m going to take a look at this in the next few days as an option. (tags: calendar SocialNetworks sharing)
  • coComment – clear conversation in the blogosphere coComment says: Tired of commenting and LOSING TRACK of your discussions? Want to SHARE YOUR COMMENTS on other’s blogs with your own readers? Want to BE INFORMED when someone responds to your comments? thank god for coComment. Basically, from what I can see and have heard, this is a way to aggregate all the comments you make on various blogs into one place. I’m only just starting to get into this commenting caper, but already I am starting to lose track of where I’m leaving a note, which makes it highly unlikely that I’ll see any responses that people are making to anything the conversation that I’m interested in. I can see this being a valuable tool. I’m still waiting for a secret code so I can get in and play with it myself.  (tags: blogs comments aggregation)

links for 7 February 2006

  • Why Is That Thing Beeping? A Sound Design Primer – Boxes and Arrows – lately i’ve been thinking about the role of sound in interaction, and how it should be designed/specified/documented. There is some interesting information here, but not much on the specification side of things -(tags: interactiondesign sound)
  • 10 ways to take advantage of web 2.0 from Dion Hinchcliffe’s Web 2.0 Blog. Next I’d love someone to do one of these on how Government regulated authorities can take advantage of web 2.0 within the millions of constraints that they have at the moment…. (sounds boring, i know, but would probably be very helpful for many of us… perhaps I should think on that some more) (tags: web2.0)
  • Tech.Memeorandum “The Web is humming with reports and opinions on technology. tech.memeorandum is page A1 for these discussions. Auto-updated every 5 minutes, it uncovers the most relevant items from thousands of news sites and weblogs.” Pretty smart application – clusters blog and other discussions with news items. (tags: 2.0 blog cluster)