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links for 13 October 2006

  • Sarah Blow has started a new blog all about girly geek goodness (including girly geek dinners)
  • hrm… probably should have read this *before* this week! :)
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  • ok. now I get the odd email from people launching new products. This is the most exciting one EVER. I’ve only seen some screenshots and the demo video (that you’ll find at the end of this link), but I’m looking forward to getting my beta invite and playing with the app to see if it’s as good as it looks! If so… I think I could easily be hooked. I can see this app getting me back into the ‘Getting Things Done‘ discipline again too!

links for 12 October 2006

links for 11 October 2006

links for 07 October 2006

  • Google is running a colouring in competition in the UK. The winner get’s their Google Logo shown on the Google network for 24hrs. Check it out and cast your vote! :)