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links for 22 October 2006

  • couldn’t make it to UI11? Me either, check out Jesper’s great notes from the conference here :)
    (tags: UI11)
  • “If everyone exposed to a product likes it, the product will not succeed… a product “everyone likes” will fail is because no one “loves” it. The only thing that predicts success is passion.” Something to keep in mind when concept evaluating.
  • GeoPress is a WordPress plugin that allows users to quickly and easily embed location information in blog posts. You can then embed a dynamic map, Microformat adr and geo output, and adds GeoRSS to the RSS output. Cool! :)
    (tags: wordpress)
  • I’m kind of interested in going along to PodCastCon (yes, I’ve been bitten by the bug). I think it might be interesting to listen/talk to people who do this frequently. They will also, apparently, have gadgets (which would be a good part of the reason I’d be going!). Anyone else going or thinking of going?

links for 19 October 2006

  • Top tips for getting ahead at work (via the Guardian… I don’t remember if you need to sign in to see this or not). I can’t say I abide by many of these rules now, but perhaps it’s time for a rethink. Eh. Just kidding.
    (tags: humour)

links for 18 October 2006

  • Technology today is too hard to use. A cell phone should be as easy-to-use as a doorknob. In order to humanize a world that uses technology as an infrastructure for education, healthcare, government, communication, entertainment, work, and other areas, ..

links for 17 October 2006