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links for 24 January 2007 – Simplicity

I have a bunch of thoughts around ideas of simplicity and ‘the cult of less’, as I like to call it. Hoping to get them down in the next few weeks. How did January get so busy?! :)

links for 23 January 2007 – The Low Fidelity Prototyping Special Edition

links for 10 January 2007 – Using whitespace for more than legibility

On a different note… I’m so bored of people who think that they’re cool because they can think of negative things to say about the iPhone… especially when practically all of them disclaimer it with ‘oh, I totally love it and I can’t wait to buy one, but…’. Sure, there are definitely some technical issues (how is this phone not 3G?! what’s with the built in battery? etc.) and of course we can’t make definitive statements about the usability of the interface until we actually get a proper look at one of the, in the flesh. But people, please.
Negativity is so 2006.
Speaking of which. 10 days in and my New Years Resolutions are miraculously still holding… How’re yours doing?

links for 09 January 2007 – Yahoo! buys MyBlogLog for a ridiculous sum

  • Yahoo has bought the distributed social network MyBlogLog…the story says the price is around $10 million…. I’ve been signed up on MyBlogLog for a while now… it’s kind of cool but very ugly and *desperately* needs a better mechanism for browsing. Go check it out, and see if you can find me there!