but, what is Office 2.0?

So, as you know, I’ve been trying to recruit design and user experience types to participate in the Podcast Jam for Office 2.0. (hello! are you out there!). Something I’ve noticed is that your average designer on the street doesn’t necessarily know what Office 2.0 means, and what’s included.

If this sounds like you, can I recommend that you invest 5 minutes in Richard MacManus’s opening keynote podcast in which he talks about Office 2.0 as a paradigm shift that is more than just web versions of the Microsoft Office suite, and discusses a few examples of Office 2.0 services that you may or may not have heard of.

Meanwhile, an amazing thing about podcasts… I love hearing people’s voices! I particularly love people being surprised to hear that Richard has a New Zealand accent!

And, I’ve noticed that people are saying ‘two dot oh’.

Surely I’m not the only one who’s been saying ‘two point oh’…

or am I?!

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4 thoughts on “but, what is Office 2.0?

  1. Thanks Leisa! Yes, people are often surprised to find I’m from NZ – they assume that I must be from Silicon Valley, give what I write about all the time :-)

    And I think I started out saying ‘two point oh’ as well, but changed to ‘dot oh’ when I did my first trip to the US last year (when in Rome, as they say…).

  2. I like your new template Leisa!

    I’ve only ever heard it called 2 point zero… or 2 point oh… Maybe it’s a UK thing!?

  3. I say “two point oh,” but “two dot oh” doesn’t sound too awfully foreign or grating to me. Not like hearing someone say “Earl” for URL. I had a boss once who said “Earl” and seemed to think I ought to adopt the pronunciation to validate her. I couldn’t bring myself to do it.

    Richard’s podcast was a great way to kick off the podcast. I’m looking forward to hearing all of them.

  4. yeah, i was wondering if it was an Aus/UK thing, the ‘point’ rather than ‘dot’.

    ‘Earl’ for URL is terrible, isn’t it! I once had a client who insisted on using that term and I couldn’t help but screw my face up every time she said it. I have vague recollections of diagrams with a stick figure to represent ‘Earl’ actually… *cringe*

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