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blogging milestones (2 months)

In the last few days I’ve seen a few blogs I read celebrating their 4th birthday. I’m not sure what was going on this time 4 yrs ago, but it must have been blogworthy :) Congrats to you guys…. sorry I can’t remember who you are just now! (that’s the hazard of reading so many feeds, I’ve found!)

On the other hand, I’m celebrating a 2 months of blogging. The first thing is to say that it seems like so much more time than that! At the risk of sounding like an utter dork, blogging has become an integral part of my everyday. Even when I’m not actually writing a lot of posts, I’m often thinking about them. I’ve discovered that it’s relatively rare for me to blog ‘off the cuff’ in response to something I’ve just happened upon. Although, I guess, that’s what my daily links do, in a way. Blog posts actually take some time for me to craft… longer than I’d originally expected, but not so long that I actually go back and proof read them before I send them live…! Maybe next month (when WordPress launches its spellchecker!)

So, two months down and I’m still here… clearly this is not a fad. And I’m addicted to more than Google Analytics now. I finally put down some cash for BlogBeat. As I’ve discussed in the past, it’s far from a perfect stats package, but compared to other alternatives I’ve tried (paid and free), it gives me most of what I want. I still use it in combination with Google Analytics, and will continue to do so. And, I’m still waiting for the day that MeasureMap finally send out their beta invitations. I have high hopes…!

I’m happy to say that, at this point, my conversational index is looking pretty healthy (that is, there are more comments than posts). I’d really like to keep it this way. Getting comments is one of my favourite things about blogging. Even when you get the odd nasty one…. Something I’ve noticed in my last two months of blogosphere immersion (and that includes a bit of mailing list immersion too) – there are some really mean people out there. Not many – nice people are definitely winning – but those nasty ones… eh. I’m still working out how to deal with them best. They’re not quite like trolls that you can just ignore…. but there’s no reasoning with them either….

At the end of the second month, the most exciting thing has been having a sense of engaging in a community – of getting to ‘meet’ people who thing about similar things to me, to swap notes on ideas and experiences, and just generally to be a part of the flow of ideas and conversations that is the energy of the blogosphere (sorry…. couldn’t think of a better word to describe it).

Also exciting was having the chance to experience the surging power of the internet! Just yesterday, Scrivs, over at 9rules, linked to me in one of his posts. This then ended up on Digg, and I ended up getting more traffic in a day than I’d gotten in the previous 30 days… Funnily, although I thought this would make me even more addicted to my blog stats than ever, the fact is that when you only have a small amount of traffic to watch over, you really value every one person who hits your blog.

Not that I don’t appreciate the traffic or the linking – I do v. much! It’s been nice to see my Technorati ranking get below 1,000,000, and I’d forgotten there were so many countries in the world!

I was thinking, on my way home on the bus this evening… do I regret that I didn’t start blogging earlier? That I can only celebrate 2 months and can’t boast about blogging since the 90s. I guess I wouldn’t ask that question if I wasn’t slightly jealous of those who have been putting it out there for so long. But, the truth is… I don’t think I had my voice back then. It’s taken me a lot of reading and thinking and experiencing life to get to a point where I feel almost compelled to sit here and write this stuff (well, not this navelgazing so much as other stuff!). I don’t think I could have found things to write, or felt confident in writing them before now. The time is definitely right now though, and, so far, it’s all good.

So, here’s to the next month. Thanks for stopping by my blog, and particular thanks to those who have taken the time to write me a note. Now, no more blogging about blogging for at least another 30 days!

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  2. One of the keys to getting the kind of attention you want is to blog regularly (not necessarily frequently – it’s better to have a reasonably well thought-out post) about stuff you care about – something you have managed to do far better than I in the two months you’ve been going.

    Congratulations – here’s to many more milestones.

  3. thanks guys! :)

    i really appreciate your comments and support.

    @ Kevin: I know! I feel like I’ve been blogging forever!
    I did have a look at Mint, but they want my money straight up without letting me have a play… I’m not into that. If they gave me a 30day trial, that would be a whole other kettle of fish, but having seen the rubbish that others are peddling as blog stats, it’s too risky (either that or I’m too poor!)

    @ Scrivs – *blush* I’ll be doing my best, don’t you worry. Thanks again for all that traffic! much obliged :)

  4. Hi Leisa,

    I’ve been blogging for two months as well. I’d been putting it off for years, but once I got started it did indeed quickly become a regular part of my routine. I’m still feeling out my “voice” and blogging style (am I a twice a day quickblogger, or a less-often-more-meaty blog-essayist? what topics should I write about and which should I avoid? How visual should the blog be?).

    Anyway, it’s nice to know I’m not the only one arriving to the party years too late.

  5. One more thing: if your subtitle, “pretty design pending”, means that you’re actively blogging before designing your site, then I say bravo since that’s what I did, too. It takes time to understand the design requirements of your blog unless you actually start blogging first. Also, a lot of design-savvy people are afraid to launch a blog without a pretty and original design, so they end up not blogging at all. I look forward to your design, but for now the reading is great.

  6. @ michael: yep, checked out the demo. I still want a free trial. Seeing their demo doesn’t really let me experience what it’s like to run Mint on my blog and if I find it useful. And it doesn’t guarantee me that they update the stats regularly, or if their service is even *up* most of the time… given past experience, I’d like to feel confident of that before handing over my hard earned bickies :)

    viva la 30 day trial, I say.

  7. @ christopher: thanks for stopping by and leaving not one but two comments! :) you’re going to my list of favourite blog readers :)

    re: pretty design.
    well… just between you and I… visual design is not really my bag. I have enough trouble colour coordinating my clothes (hence generally black wardrobe), let alone *actually* making a good design for my blog.

    so… pending *may* actually be a little bit of a stretch.

    I would *really* like to personalise my blog and make it look less like a theme that you see all over the place… but, to be honest, I’m still kind of struggling with my ‘brand’.

    also… I need to find means to bribe one of the amazing designers that I’ve worked with to make me a gorgeous design.

    having said all that, now that I’ve gone freelance, i need to get some cards made, so I think that it might be part of the same process.

    I’m glad you can look past the daggy theme for now :)

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