another new toy! Skype!

OK. I’m a latecomer to Skype, but this going overseas malarchy has finally got me motivated.

How cool is Skype! (and how much work have they done to make it incredibly easy to use! Well done Skype!)

Unfortunately I only have the Test Message lady to talk to at the moment… that’s ok though, because I’m still a little shy about the whole talking thing… Finally I might get to give the old web cam that’s built into my laptop a bit of a workout… (or maybe not. A bit shy about that too!)

Are you on Skype yet? Maybe you could give me your Skype contact details so I can have some people in my address book! :)

5 thoughts on “another new toy! Skype!

  1. Actually… having just had the most CONFUSING experience ever trying to get signed up with SkypeIn. They actually have a lot of work to do on that experience. So many problems I hardly know where to start. It has the makings for a ‘what not to do in e-commerce design’ case study….

  2. I’ll admit I wasn’t fussed about trying the SkypeIn serveice, as I’m not at my home PC all day. I’ve used SkypeOut a bit, first when our daughter was overseas, and then when she came home and we went overseas. That was fairly painless to set up (as was the original Skype, as you’ve found).

    If you want a contact, try me: “ric.hayman” – you’ll just have to wait until later when I’m home to approve it.

  3. I haven’t tried skype yet–didn’t have any reason to. maybe I will now so we can be on each other’s contact lists :)

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