world usability day

alrighty! let’s start organising some usability shindigs!

WUD 2006

OK. So right now you think that 14 November seems like ages away, but *really* you know it will be here before you know it. And you know what happens in November?! Yes, of course. World Usability Day. Hooray!

Now, we all love World Usability Day in the past, but this time I have a special interest as I’m helping to coordinate all the activities that are going on in Australia and New Zealand.

So, if you’re in Aus or NZ, and you think you might be up for organising an event for World Usability Day – it could be something kind of serious, or it could be fun. It could take you ages to organise and have hundreds of people, or it could be smaller and less structured and involve just your work place or maybe your clients.

You might have great ideas and want a helping hand, or you might be keen to get involved but not sure what to do.

Well. Here’s what you do now – head over to the World Usability Day website and let us know that you’re keen to be involved. It’s a no-obligation registration of interest at the moment. The idea is that we work together as much as possible, so that we can do even more even fun things all over the place.

So. Come on now. Give me something to coordinate and let’s get some great Australian and New Zealand World Usability Day events on the boil.

(oh, and if you’re not from Australia or New Zealand and you want to be involved, go fill out that form also. There are lots of other lovely people all over the world who will help with coordinating activities in your area).