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I’m not sure if it was some kind of a joke or not… I mean, I’d just gotten finished writing about how I didn’t want to make money from advertising, when I get an email from someone who wanted to sell advertising on my blog.

they wanted to know how much advertising would cost and if I’d accept PayPal payments.

Insert quandry here. First up: I have no idea what advertising on my blog might be worth. If it was worth a lot, I might consider it… but I suspect it’s not. Second up: did I really mean it when I said I didn’t want to make money from my blog via advertising.

So I slept on it, consulted with friends. And eventually emailed back and said thanks, but no thanks.

So there you go. I’m tested and officially advertising free. Am I mad?

7 thoughts on “advertising?

  1. Well, you may be – but it’s nothing to do with the rejection of advertising. It would be interesting to hear more of your thought process in making this decision. I have also decided that I don’t want advertising on my blog, because that’s not why I started blogging. If that stance changes, it will be on another blog rather than my existing one, and it will be a different kind of blog – one which is more targetted to earning an income.

  2. hrm… the thought process.

    well, like you, my reason for blogging has nothing to do with advertising. Also, I like the fact that I can blog as much or as little as I want, about the topics that interest me, in whatever style I like. Taking advertising on your site (and I’m not talking about Google Adsense here), feels as though I might lose a bit of that ownership over my blog and my content. I’d feel a kind of responsibility to whoever is paying me money to advertising… and I’m not comfortable with that.

    also, if I did take advertising, I’d not do it at the expense of negatively impacting the user experience of my blog. (Having said that, I know my current theme has a few negative experience aspects to it… I’m on the prowl for an alternative, but haven’t found anything yet with fewer problems). That would mean that the placement of advertising would probably not be optimal for advertisers. So… is there any real value for them?

    further – it’s not like I get a bazillion people viewing my blog every day, and the people who do are a pretty niche market… it’s hard to imagine I’m going to make much money out of it.

    So, on the balance – it just doesn’t seem worth the potential hassle.

    Thinking this through is reminding me a little of the Jason Kottke/Heather Armstrong keynote at SXSW this year and the discussions they had around monetising their blog.

  3. Hmmmm, you probably know I’m not a big fan of advertising. However, I’ve been thinking I might put some on my blog, less for the money than for the experience of it and other concerns. Most of my regular readers read via the feed, not at the blog itself, so they wouldn’t usually see the ads. The ads would be more for people who find my blog by searching for a specific thing. I also have the issue of tax laws to consider because I’m about to start some contract work and I need to show that I am trying to make income in multiple ways, not just at this one company. Otherwise the tax authorities might recategorize me as an employee.

    But I haven’t made any decisions yet. If someone emailed me about advertising, I might take them up on it.

    Still, I think I understand where you’re coming from. I’m reluctant to do it too, but maybe less so than you at this point.

  4. aaah… tax. Well, that adds a whole other dimension and one I hadn’t thought of.

    I’d consider that a valid reason to take on advertising, on the proviso that it was done in a way that wasn’t detrimental to blog readers, of course.

    Funnily, when there are tax benefits involved, I suddenly care less about what the potential dramas of dealing with advertisers.

    It’s all about incentive I guess. (eh. of course it is. Have you read Freakonomics?)

  5. Good luck with whatever you do, Leisa – I got asked to take some on, offered about $60 a month for three months up front. However the ads were not really targeted to the readership, and I guess I wasn’t sure whether I was on trial or the ads were…:)

  6. yeah, for the time being I’m quite happy being advertising free… thanks to Anne for the tax heads up tho’, I’ll keep that in mind for the future :)

    Interesting to hear the $ value of ads Genevieve. I totally know where you’re coming from re: ads or blogger on trial.. that’s a big part of my reluctance. I’m assuming you decided against?

  7. Yes, I did let it go. If they had been about something more closely related to books, it could have been otherwise. I can’t imagine how the advertisers would recoup the dosh from my quiet little literature blog – until I replied to the email, I actually thought it might be spam.

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