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43 Things and 8by1 – same, same or different?!

I’ve been playing around with 43 Things and its family of sites for some time now.

I was taking a browse through my Del.icio.us inbox today (does everyone else use this? Its fabulous and I’ve only recently happened upon it!), and noticed a link that Robert Scoble (who I stalk via Del.icio.us) posted called 8by1

Now, I love the sentiment of the site (and it reminds me a lot of a site I was working on before called Act Now), but holy hell it reminds me way too much of the 43 Things site.

I took a little look around to see if anyone from 43 Things was claiming the site, or being credited for the the site or anything like that… but I can’t see anything. I tried checking out the 8by1 blog but that wasn’t loading…

I hate to bitch about something that has seemingly noble objectives, but … hell, it looks like they’ve ripped off 43 Things?!

Does anyone know some more background on this? Are they related?

I’m going to email them and ask. Stay tuned.

3 thoughts on “43 Things and 8by1 – same, same or different?!

  1. i’ve had a reply back from the guys at 8by1. They say:

    A few people have pointed out there are some similarities between us and 43things, and currently with the light features on our alpha test version, we can understand this comparison. I can assure you, however, we are not building yet another “43things copycat

    yeah, i don’t know. Still looks to me like they’ve made a pretty poor copy of 43 Things, to be honest.

    Also – ‘alpha test version’. I didn’t notice this before but these guys have gone public even *before* they get to beta.


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