check out this neat trick…

so, I’m gradually making my way through Second Life… it’s been causing me some grief, and I’ll tell you more about that later. The freakiest thing yet though was that at one point, just when I thought I was starting to get it together, my screen when blank for a few seconds… and when the display reappeared… it was sideways!

how the hell does that happen? and how do you fix it? After restarting (didn’t help), I played around with the usual display properties (didn’t help), Googled (did help!)

Somehow I musted have done a crazy key combination. So I learned today that if you hold down Ctrl and Alt and an arrow key you can change the direction of your screen display.

Not that I can imagine ever needing to use this again… Although. It could make for a good prank :)

if you’re looking for me, i may be in Second Life…

As I write this I am waiting for Second Life to download so I can install it and have a play. It’s come to the point where too many people are talking about it and considering it important … I have to go see it for myself.

Of course, I hardly seem to have enough time to keep my first life under control, and I do have a tendency to get addicted to these kinds of things.

So, I’m feeling very nervous and am kind of hoping I hate it. I’ll let you know how it goes. If I don’t, can someone come get me out?!

happy chatty people :)

I was just thinking lately how much I love blogging when people drop by and engage in the conversation. And you’ve all been such a chatty crew lately. Yay you!

Clearly, it is good to be a relatively obscure little blogger. Big bloggers like Kent Newsome and his friends are apparently feeling bored and lonely in an unconversational blog-echosphere.

I don’t know about you, but I’d rather have and read a small but conversational blog any day :)

Now, if the people I know in ‘real life’ would start engaging in the conversation here rather than* stopping me in corridors and IMing me, we’d have a rip roaring discussion going on! *prod* :)

*ok then, as well as!