links for 13 February 2006

  • I stumbed across this via
    At first I was thinking – so what… its a static image on Flickr with a bunch of 2.0 terms and buzzwords… but then… as you mouseover, the magic appears… using Flickr’s ‘notes’ function, lots of people have added hyperlinks to the terms in the cloud, creating a rich networked map to an enormous range of key sites and readings associated with Web 2.0
  • A digital communications agency in Berlin.Clients include Siemens and Volkswagen
  • rails against ‘clouds’ (eg. Tag Clouds) as a currently popular visual device, compares to pie charts in terms of lack of clarity.
  • MetaWrap Time Converter, Build 3
    More clever code from James, but this time something even I can play with :) The Time Convertor allows you to easily see what time it is in any city of the world (and includes links to Google Maps. v clever James). Particularly sexy is the way that you can see whether or not it is daylight in any given city (celestial mechanics, I think James said was behind it). The cities also link to their Google Map equivalent. Very nice. I’ve asked James if he can do me one where I can see where ‘business hours’ are still in play to help organise global phone conferences :)
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good lord, it’s a school yard out here (and I’m a nerd again!)

ok. So, by every standard possible, I’m such a junior-blogger. I think I’m heading into week three, or something like that, and I’ve been pretty busy at work, which has kept a handle on my blog reading as well as posting. Its been impossible to miss the bruhaha going on as the A-Listers cop a serve from those who they’ve apparently been keeping outside the gates of blogging fame and glory (via Tech.Memeorandum, yep, still loving it).

There are a lot of different takes you can have on this situation, and I have a couple… but the more I read it the more everyone is starting to remind me of a bunch of highschool kids jostling for social superiority. Trying to work out who is in the cool gang, how to get there if you’re not, why another gang is the next cool gang, or an alternate cool gang at least, how we should be nice to the kids who aren’t in the cool gang, or the next coolest gang, or the one after that.

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web 1.0 buttons = today’s mobile banners?

better late than never I came across this image on BoingBoing

web 1.0 mosaic

it’s a mosaic of web 1.0 logos, in response to the recent popular mosaic of web 2.0 logos posted to Flickr and much discussed.

Now, here’s the question… is it just me or do these web 1.0 button mosaic remind you a lot of the banners we’re seeing on 3G mobile these days? (qualification: I can only speak for Australian 3G services just now).


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