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Life.bak (why backing up is v. important)

I had a sleepless night last night after my beautiful new laptop – weeks old – suddenly decided it was incapable of booting last night. After a quick consultation with James it became pretty clear that this was situation serious.

leisa: so, should I be panicking about the back up situation?

james: yep

As I do with most things that concern me but which I can do nothing about at the time, I decided to forget about it as best I could, get some sleep and call a mass gathering of prayer for when I booted up the laptop in the morning.


links for 20 February 2006


case study (offline): License renewal at the RTA

Eye Test

I went and renewed my drivers license at the RTA this weekend. They have that process down pat now, and although its well supported by technology, its the overall experience that is impressive. Here’s the process:


links for 17 February 2006

Another strange mix today. In amongst the Chuck Norris (I finally found one I liked!), and more gorgeous work from SoFake (yes. I’m a fan, but I think I’m almost done now), there’s a bunch of interesting but more academic stuff around searching and navigating. Interesting, if you’r into that kind of thing.


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