Vale Nam June Paik

Ah, flash backs to my undergraduate years when I think of Paik.

Best known, to me at least, for his work with video art, and for being a collaborator with John Cage and the Fluxus movement, I learned today that he’s also apparently responsible for the term ‘information superhighway’.

I wonder if he’s proud of that?

Vale Nam June Paik.

conference lust

aah, i’m a total conference geek. Yes, I know that most of the time they’re completely disappointing and you wish you’d never wasted the time and money, but every now and then – conference lust strikes.

so, who’s going to these conferences and will pack me in their suitcase? Continue reading

links for 30 January 2006

Here’s some of the pages I’ve tagged on today. This is one of those automatic posting things (which, obviously, I’ve annotated!) … not sure if I like it or not. What do you think?